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Korean Stone Pot---care and seasoning?


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Korean Stone Pot---care and seasoning?

Christine | Jan 1, 2005 06:22 PM

A Korean friend, knowing my great fondness for dolsat bibimbap, gave me a beautiful green granite stone pot for Christmas. It came without instructions (in either language) and neither he nor other Korean friends know how to care for or initially season the pot. On top of that, after scouring the 'net, I can't get a good idea of how much heat it can take before placing the bibimbap ingredients inside. One recipe said to heat the stone pot "hot enough to burn your fingers." I guess I'm used to more specific instruction than that.

I have no issues with experimentation, but I don't want to do anything that'll make it brittle or burst into tiny shards.

Welcoming any tips from hounds who've been there or have a Korean grandma who knows exactly what I need to do. Thanks in advance!

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