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LAZ | Mar 11, 2004 05:18 AM

Nearly every Korean restaurant serves bibimbap, but I'd like to know about any that offer particularly good dol sot bibimbap, the kind that's served in a hot stone bowl. (The version at Jang Mo Nim, 6320 N. Lincoln Ave., 773/509-0211 is the best I've found so far.)

Also, does anyone know of anywhere local that serves the traditional Korean fruit-based teas, such as yujja-cha (citron tea), taechu-cha (jujube tea), saenggang-cha (ginger tea) and omija-cha (five-taste tea)?

Further, I'm seeking a local source of dolnamul (deulnamul?). I'm told that the name of this small, fleshy, tangy herb/vegetable translates as something like "wild green." I have not found it here in any of the Korean groceries I've visited. It's apparently a species of stonecrop (sedum), but I haven't been able to track down which. If I could find out the botanical binomial, I might be able to find it in a garden catalog.

Finally, I'm seeking any information at all (the name, a recipe, a source, etc.) about a dish of dried, shredded fish, coated in something red and slightly sweet, which years ago used to be a regular part of the panchan at Gin Go Gae.

While I'm at it, I may as well ask for recommendations of places that offer the best banchan. (There used to be a marvelous restaurant on Touhy that dished out the most tremendous spread with any meal -- and if you ordered liquor, it doubled -- but after they got busted for B girls any non-Koreans who tried to enter were told, "We're closed.")

(I must admit, however, I'm leery of any of the yakiniku places that that put out a raw-meat buffet for customers to cook themselves, which strike me as having too much potential for cross-contamination. Having contracted food poisoning both in Seoul and -- quite severely -- at such a Korean barbecue restaurant in Mount Prospect, I'm forced to conclude that Koreans must be more resistent to campylobacter than I am.)

Thanks for any help.


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