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Korean "canned" drinks


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Korean "canned" drinks

Pat Hammond | Nov 7, 2001 01:41 PM

I've developed a serious craving for the "canned" Korean beverages. It all started with the Grass Jelly drink I posted about the middle of last month. So far I've tried the grape (which comes in a can with a picture of peeled green grapes). Actual grapes float around in this one, and the juice is of a delicate muscat flavor. I'm pretty sure the grapes are muscat too. (My favorite so far.) There's an orange flavored one with lots of pulp floating around. I believe the word "packets" is on the can. Fresh peach, with more floating bits, has a picture of a peach, and the words, "Korean fresh peach". I'm afraid I'm missing one, but can't find my notes at the moment. I bought two others, more for the novelty of the containers, but they turn out to taste good and refreshing. The brand is Slim Water (but 90 calories!) and they are packaged in what looks like a plastic IV bag. I've had green apple and lemon. A great bonus is that they're reuseable. Filled with my delicious well water, I sip on it throughout the day, like an adult pacifier. I would think most good Korean markets carry these products.

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