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Kobe Beef Burgers: Any Reason Not Idiotic?


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Kobe Beef Burgers: Any Reason Not Idiotic?

Jim Leff | Jul 24, 2003 03:13 PM

I fully admit I may be ignorant/naive about this, having never eaten Kobe beef in any form.

But I'm wondering: can anyone make a case for me that a Kobe hamburger (super trendy right now all over the country, judging by our forums) isn't an idiotic idea, in light of the fact that much of the value of kobe beef is textural? It seems to me that a burger is to great beef as fondue is to great stilton (spritzers to great wine?). Am I wrong? Can any discerning hounds out there, who are well-versed in matters Kobe, tell me that a Kobe burger is conceivably worth the premium and NOT a vulgar culinary blasphemy?

Also, I suspect a whole lot of regular beef is already being served as Kobe (I can't count the number of times this year I've ordered saffron rice and been served saffronless yellow rice). In steak form, the discerning might know. In burgers, one can't possibly know (or can one?).

And if, per my theory, above, the very notion of Kobe burgers is for vulgar rubes, chefs must take extra delight in charging them up their trend-mongering wazoos for same-old burgers (perhaps goosed somehow - extra tallow? - for je ne sais quoi).

Or am i wrong, and a Kobe burger is a fine thing, and rarely viewed by kitchens as a fraud jackpot opportunity?

Restaurant biz insiders who'd like to post under alias, feel free; just please don't name restaurant names (for legal reasons) if you're discussing fraud.


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