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Knowledge and Selections? Help!

hungry_fox | Feb 18, 2008 12:45 PM

I grew up with wine in the house, my parents have a massive collection that I hope to eventually have one that rivals and the truth is I love wine; I prefer red but I'll happily drink most whites.

However, the truth is I pretty much know jack about wine, I don't know how to really tell good from bad, classy from lawn mower, priced due to quality or just overpriced. With that in mind I'm asking for knowledge please help a naive college student who craves steak and risotto with a good wine instead of hot pockets and a warm beer. I don't particularly know what I'm asking for in this regard, just general knowledge, expert opinions, good things to know, to look for, how do I tell if it's been a good year, hell I don't even know how to really describe my own tastes besides the region it's from.

Along with that I'm looking for selection, from what I've had I prefer spanish and italian wine more than others (not really sure what the others include), particularly rioja, chianti and riesling. So far my absolute insane favorite has been the Marques de Caceres Rioja Reserva 2001, otherwise I'm kind of blank on what is good. Considering what I like what would you suggest for me to try?

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