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The Knife that I want, suggestions appreciated and the knife that YOU WANT ...

jkling17 | Nov 28, 201109:37 PM

For me, I really want a good Nakiri. We eat a mostly "Paleo" diet. So, every day I need to slice and chop veggies. I love good Japanese blades and I am drawn to the looks of this particular knife style. And yes, I'm sure that this is in part due to some of those super cool youtube videos.

I'd appreciate suggestions, with an upper limit of $100. Since I anticipate this becoming a daily "go to' knife I'll want a fairly hard rockwell rating. I love the way that my high carbon Santoku shreds paper but wish that it held that edge longer ...

Thank you, in advance, for your feedback and assistance.

How about you? What is your next knife? Is it a better version of something you already have? Something entirely new for you? Chime in!

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