Knife Advice for Offset Knife Fan

tealightful | Oct 15, 201809:44 AM     9

Hi all! Trying to wade through the knife world and after extensive research, I’ve only confused myself even more. After reading some really helpful threads on here, I decided to ask for some help!

I am by no means a well accomplished home cook, but I get by and cooking and baking is one of my favorite hobbies. When I got into cooking about two years ago, I bought a F Dick offset 7 inch serrated knife. I couldn’t say how much I truly love that knife- it’s light, I like the grippy handle material, I love the offset, but still it’s able to stand up to most things... however, I feel like I need something new.

I have small hands, and thus prefer lighter knives. I’ve never really loved any of the more traditional chefs knives I’ve tried- Wusthof’s 8 inch chef’s knife was WAY too heavy for my liking and bulky in my hand, I felt like I had no control over it. I’ve tried other lower end chef’s knifes when cooking at friend’s houses and I’ve never liked them. I bought a roughly 7 inch Sanoku blade knife (from a box store, it’s nothing fancy- Chicago Cutlery) and hate that too- though it just may be low quality.

Are there any offset knives on the market that are not serrated? I want to work on my dice/knife skills and I feel like my serrated knife is not doing me any great favors with that- yet I just have never found anything that feels quite as good.

I’d love to be able to test them, but I live in a rural area and probably will order online, so I’d love to have any advice or recommendations. Thanks!!

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