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Who knew yogurt was this easy to make


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Who knew yogurt was this easy to make

Sean Dell | Mar 13, 2007 09:39 AM

Ciao Hounds,

I was given a present of a Williams Sonoma yogurt maker over the weekend and, to be perfectly frank, I gazed on it with a certain amount of suspicion when I got it into my kitchen.

But there's nothing quite like the egging on of a 10yo girl to galvanize one's spirits so, together, we attacked it with milk, yogurt and a certain skepticism.

The maker came with no instructions, so a quick scan of CH told us that we needed a yogurt 'starter'.

Winging it completely, we mixed a couple of TBS of Fage yogurt with about a pint of milk. We added a TB of vanilla sugar at the 10yo's insistence, just to see what it would taste like.

Into the glass jars the mixture went, and into the yogurt maker they went. The controls are laughingly basic (ie, the knob doesn't seem to do anything) so we just hit the red switch and let it stand overnight.

The result is fantastic. We have thick creamy yogurt with a delicious hint of vanilla and a slightly less heavy consistency than the Fage. We could probably strain it to get it as thick as Fage, but I don't really see the need.

We've made two more batches since, with equally good results.

Next up, a yummy yogurt from Fairway here in NY that we like, one with a purply tub, which name I've quite forgotten.

Pour l'encouragement des autres..as they used to say down our way.

- Sean

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