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A kitchen without traditional cabinets-thought?

cleobeach | Feb 23, 2012 10:17 AM

We are planning a small remodelling project at our cottage that includes a new kitchen. Nothing in the exisitng kitchen can be saved or reused and we are starting with raw space. The layout will be like a galley kitchen.

My thought is that I don't want traditional kitchen cabinets. I want open shelving under the counter tops where I will store plates, dishes, pots, pans, etc. I would have few, if any wall-mounted cabinets as one side is open to the living area and the other wall will be mostly windows.

I want shelving for two reasons.

The first is cost. We can get local craftsman to buid out my idea for a very reasonable cost, less than the cheapest of the cheap cabinets from big box home improvement stores.

The second is easy of use. I think if I have everything right at hand, it will be easier to cook and get food the table as well as easier to put clean dishes away if it is all out in the open.

For food storages, I will have a pantry area with sufficient shelving to store non-perishables, spices and such.

I haven't figured out a home for glasses yet, maybe shelving close to the fridge. Maybe glasses will require a cabinet of some sort.

The architect drawing the plans loves the idea, my husband is less than thrilled as he can't shake the idea of traditional kitchen cabinets out of his mind.

Does anyone have a similar, shelving/no door set-up in their kitchen? Any downside to the idea? All my stuff matches or is nice enough to look at that I don't feel a need to "hide" it away. This is cottage with a very casual vibe.

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