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Recent kitchen remodel? What's the best and worse of the new "technologies" you included?

JetLaggedChef | Feb 1, 201502:12 AM

A lot of people are looking to remodel their kitchen but are overwhelmed by the numerous options out there. If you've recently remodeled your kitchen, other than the obivous "new-factor", what are some of the functional things you LOVE about it.

On the inverse, what are some of the things you just had to have but now realize were a bad idea and why?

(Please include pix if you feel comfortable doing so.)

For example:

- Even though I'm only 5'8", I installed huge cabinets that go all the way up to 10 feet tall and they provide a HUGE amount of extra storage space for those seasonal or odd items I rarely need.
- I had a "flip-out" drawer installed in front of the kitchen sink to hold stoppers and sponges, etc so they're all handy but I don't have to clutter up my sink looking at them.
- I had a lot of slide-out shelves installed so it's very easy to get to all my baking dishes that would otherwise he heavy and difficult to deal with retrieving or storing.
- I put doors on both sides of my island so I can easy access large things from both sizes
- I passed up no opportunity to put a drawer instead of dead sapce.
- Even though I live in Florida, I had a 120 gallon gas tank buried in the yard so I could have a gas stove
- I really like the granite counters. They're very easy to keep clean since there are no seam lines and their smooth surface great for making pastries.
- I had the kitchen sink undermoutned so it would be easy to scrape dough or crumbs off the counter directly into the sink
- I extended the kitchen by 2 feet and added as much counter space as possible. Especially handy when I have friends over to cook!
- Double-oven, double-oven, double-ovn. I cannot tell you have much more convenience this makes large dinners.
- Ultra quiet dishwasher - I can run it during the dinner party and you can't even hear that it's on. That means my cleanup time at the end of a dinner party is significantly reduced.
- Having very deep drawers installed directly under the cook top so I can store all my large pots and pans. Easy access and they're right at the stove.
- Drawers, drawers and more drawers. So much easier to retrieve and store things.
- The French door fridge - it is SO easy to add or retrieve large food items and since 90% of what you need is usually in the frige, it keeps you from hanving to bend down to get them.
- Mostly flat front cabinets and drawers - they're SO much easier to clean.
- Getting a 15" wide under-counter ice maker - running out of ice at a dinner party is no longer a problem (nor is filling a cooler)
- LED lighting with dimmers - this is my new favorite things. I can have the kitchen so bright you could tan, or I can dim it really low. It doesn't flicker like the "dimmable" flourescents and the light bulbs last 20 years. It's also a much more natural lighting.
- Undercounter lighting - it looks so nice at night to have ambient lighting since I have an open floor plan.

What're some things you really like about your kitchen remodel?

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