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US Kitchen Nightmares, Episode 1


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US Kitchen Nightmares, Episode 1

Kajikit | Sep 19, 2007 07:01 PM

I'm not going to say too much because it hasn't aired on the West coast yet.

I had high hopes for this show... I love the English version. The shows' recipe for success is very simple, but effective. Gordon goes in, figures out what's going wrong, and helps them fix it as best he can in a week. Usually it involves changing the menu, and occasionally changing the staff... Alas it seems that Fox just didn't 'get' it! I could tell from the first five minutes of the show that it was likely to suck, because it took TEN MINUTES OF SHOW for Gordon Ramsay to even get to make an appearance! I stuck it out for about 45 minutes and then I'd had enough. For one thing, where was the food?! It was all people cursing at each other (bleeped out of course since it's prime time) and enough advertisement breaks to sink a ship. It'll get one more chance, and then I'll find something else to watch...

What did you think?

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