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What do you do to kitchen equipment that you hate but can no longer return?

MonsieurLinguini | Jan 3, 2012 07:20 PM

I bought a Maverick Pro Commercial Thermometer from Williams-Sonoma. Not only did I find negative reviews right after buying it but turns out they sell it $40 cheaper at amazon (bought it for $100). Its unused but its going for as low as $20 on ebay so it doesn't seem worth my time to sell it. I much rather have the Thermapen. I regret my purchase. Now Im left to wonder what I should do with it now. Use it and pretend those were 5 star reviews on amazon and Williams-Sonoma??? Pretend its a Thermapen?? Im so angry I feel like throwing it into my new Vitamix Professional 500 Blender and pressing the DESTROY button. $100 out the window for a thermometer that is apparently slow as hell and isn't even accurate.

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