kitchen cabinets, red oak and white oak together


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kitchen cabinets, red oak and white oak together

ruthantim | Aug 28, 2009 08:29 AM

Hello everyone.
I have a question. We have had white oak kitchen cabinets for about 5 years in our home. Recently we decided to add more cabinets, so we hired a contractor to custom make them. Well he did, and showed up with the cabinets, but used red oak instead of white. He stained them the right stain, but seems that the color is a bit off. Now, dont want to really deal with this contractor again, but was wondering what you all think about the color difference, does it look good, or is it very noticeable and doesnt look right, or should we try and paint them all one color. I think it is very noticeable, but not sure if its because I know the problem, my husband seems to think you cant really tell, but just want to have other people's perspective on it.
Appreciate your help. Here is a picture, taken early in the morning, when the sunshine is hitting the most through the window. The cabinets above the fridge and the pantry cabinets were the add ons with the red oak. The picture does show the above the fridge ones a bit darker, not sure if its because the window is right next to the pantry and the pantry blocks the light or what. Seems to me the picture looks very similar colors, but in real life, I do see the difference the red oak seems a bit brighter than the red, the red looks a bit darker.
Thanks for your help.
heres the link for the pictures.

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