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King Crab imported from Russia. Is it really bad to buy?


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King Crab imported from Russia. Is it really bad to buy?

LorenM | Jul 2, 2011 09:55 AM

I was skimming my store ad earlier this week and saw they had King Crab for $9.99/ lb. As it has been around $20/ lb or more, I raced right down and bought 3 lbs for an all I can eat crab feast this weekend without even thinking twice about it. When I got home I noticed it was a product from Russia. While I had wished it was an Alaskan product to support our crabbing industry, the price was what drew me in.

Knowing a bit about King Crab, I know Russian crab is on Monterey Bay's avoid list, however I also know that King Crab from the Barents Sea in Russia is an introduced, invasive species and exploding in population so it seems like they would want to fish as much of them out as possible.

My question is this- Is Monterey's classification based on economics or sustainability? It seems like most of the same species of fish and seafood are listed as a good choice if they are domestically fished but are on the avoid list if they are not. Are they saying the U.S. is the only country that fishes responsibly or is it based on simply encouraging people to buy an American product? I am just trying to understand their position. Thanks!

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