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King 5 Noodle - its good


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King 5 Noodle - its good

Lau | Oct 13, 2007 02:29 PM

woke up kind of early this morning, got on the LIRR with my gf and we ate in flushing at King 5 Noodle for breakfast / lunch...i've been meaning to try this place for a long time and bottom line I thought it was good and i'd definately go back. It was packed, every table was filled and there was a wait although we got lucky and right when we walked in a table for 2 popped up. Everything is really cheap (most expensive thing was $6), so we just ordered way too much food so we could try alot of stuff:
- hong shao niu mian (braised beef noodle stew) - this was good although i prefer mine alot more spicy. The meat was what I have been looking for in manhattan chinatown to no was tender and had good flavor and no "stops" (ie stuff you cant bite through). The soup was good, not too salty although it couldve been more spicy and the noodles were semi thick egg noodles (not as thin as say super taste, but not those really thick broad noodles either), i dont think they were homemade, but they were chewy and tasted good
- xian dou jiang (salty soy bean milk) - this was great, they don't put enough hot oil or vinegar in it, but thats okay b/c you can just do it yourself. The quality of the soy bean milk was excellent (i've been eating china fun all the time and almost forgot what it should taste like), it had good flavor, smooth and wasn't chalky at all; they included the standard pork sung and suan cai plus some cut pieces of you favorite dish of the day
- shao bing (sesame bread) - very good and i think they make it there, didn't taste re-heated, wsa good and flaky and had alot of sesame seeds all over it
- tian dou jiang (sweet soy bean milk) - same as above, great quality soy bean milk and almost as important they didn't make it too sweet (i hate when it super sweet)...very very good
- huang gua (cold cucumbers) - nice fresh cucumbers marinated in the vinegar stuff with some hot chilis, accompanies the meal nicely (if you've never had this, think the cucumbers they give you in korean restaurants as pan chan)
- niu rou bao bing (beef wrapped in scallion pancake) - pretty good although not up to par with the "beef roll" thats all the rage in LA (there is a shan dong place in LA called 101 Noodle Express that is famous for it and you'll find pics of it)...its basically a scallion pancake layered with beef, hoisin sauce and cucumbers (in LA they put cilantro instead of cucumbers). I liked it and would order it again, but the bar was sent kind of high in my own mind, but again it was good and if you go here you should order this

We also picked up some dou hua from that flower store guy on Prince, very good, nice tofu and i love that they give you the ginger sugar syrup as i think the ginger taste goes great....Also picked up 50 frozen dumplings from White Bear for $10; White Bear is awesome and has great shan dong style dumplings, highly recommend

Also, Waterfront Int'l is gone now!...unfortunate b/c i've been meaning to try it and in fact was planning on going to it in 2 weeks with some friends...oh well; that said the restaurant that replaced it was pretty packed

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