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What kind of store do you desire?


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What kind of store do you desire?

TastyJon | Jan 19, 2003 03:47 AM

A passionate Le Cordon Bleu-trained foodie friend of mine is thinking of opening a spice store. A place where a person can find the seeds, leaves and pods for whatever cuisine, from Morrocan to Thai to Indian. Kinda like that cool place in Seattle.

I suggested she added Tea to her offerings... Indian, Chinese, etc. Not Starbucks. A place where people can go in and learn about the subtle differences in Tea, as they might do in spices. Not a focal restaurant... but a place to hang out, learn something new and experience different tastes.

What's your feel? Would you simply like a place that sells spices over the counter? Would you hang out in a place that offers a few dishes? Would you drive a while for spices or Tea? Are there spices you can't find or get enough of in the U.S?

Cheers, Jon

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