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Kill the tourists, but for their last meal...? (long)


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Kill the tourists, but for their last meal...? (long)

BarefootandPregnant | Jan 11, 2007 05:49 AM

Man, searching the Manhattan board is exhausting:)

I'm gearing up for a freaks'n'family long weekend in April and am a little overwhelmed. Three generations, two continents, diapers, pimples, surging testosterone, viagra and hot flashes all fricasseed in one five member party. My f-i-l is coming from C.A., he dislikes spicy food, but is very well travelled (Asia, Europe, the Americas, Carribean-loves loves Cuba, but that may mostly be for the women) and is generally pretty relaxed. Husband is quite cautious, leans towards Italian, hates Indian; his personal heaven is upholstered in smoked salmon and imported prosciutto. He is always happy with pizza, sushi, and steak. Teen is picky at home, but quite adventurous in the world (allergic to shellfish, but will try pretty much any form of protein, eats all cuisines.) The baby is (perversely) the easiest of us; at 2.5 she's calling out at the churrascaria "Baby wants MEAT!" but, truly, she's a pastatarian at heart. Me? I'm just tired. Oh, and a foodie. I tend to plan exhaustively, but am flexible in the field-in part because I know my options.

We're looking for a mix of "occasion" meals and comfortable, casual, funky, fun places. You haven't invited us to stay at your place (yet), so currently we're thinking we'll be in a hotel in Midtown.

Thursday night: ordering in-maybe pizza. Delivery rec's? The alternative is going straight from LaGuardia to Pollo Campero and *then* to the hotel. This would not be an altogether bad thing-I wonder if any of the limo services offer that package....

Friday: Low key breakfast, I'm tempted to head to the LES and hit up a Ukrainian place for blintzes.

Friday or Saturday: Lunch near Guggenheim

Friday: Low key supper pre-concert at Carnegie Hall (yes, the baby is skipping the concert.)

Saturday: Breakfast or Lunch near AMNH, snacking or lunch near the Central Park Zoo, maybe Plataforma for dinner. Definitely an "occasion" meal for that one, neighborhood flexible.

Sunday: Brunch. In Boston, we'd choose The Blue Room ( or the Deluxe Town Diner (
Sandwiches near Penn station to pick up before catching the 6 pm train back to Boston.

On all days rec's for bakeries, afternoon teas, sushi, chocolate and ice cream are appreciated. People tend to fall back to chains when traveling this way with kids, but, ummm, I don't swing that way. It seems highly unlikely to me that Unos is any more "child friendly" than any neighborhood joint.

The teen has fond memories of La Bonne Soupe. Perusing the menu online it seems to have good options for everyone-not that I would be excited, mind you-and the prices are good, but I remember the space as being quite tight. Would the toddler end up skewered and dunked in fondue? I also saw references to the tea at the Japanese department store, but I couldn't find a website in English. Korean stores are amazingly supportive of babies (staff will hold and play with them while the mom eats, there aren't just high chairs, but actual cribs, etc.); I wondered if the Japanese store might be okay. Somewhere, too, there was a recommendation for tepanyaki for kids-I think it was Ollie's Noodle house. Any thoughts?

I'm too tired and writing too much. Thanks in advance for any help.

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