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Kharcho & Tamarind concentrate


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Kharcho & Tamarind concentrate

Hazelhurst | Apr 29, 2002 01:16 PM

Well, the results are mixed but I would say we have a "qualified success." The tamarind works beautifully for the sour taste and I added som lemon (a shade too much for one taster). I was also enjoined to reduce the fenugreek and to crank up the coriander. It was thicker than kharcho should be, though. Tastes fine, just looked odd. We all agree that it should be thinner with a little bit of beef in the bowl in addition to the rice. Goldstein's recipe--which I will try next--does not call for flour, as this one did, and she has no tomato in hers.

The stock came out very well: used beef scraps and some ox tails that I quickly browned on a couple of sides. it was not a dark beef stock nor was it a white one--sort of slightly darkened. Had about a pound of stew meat cooked into it (for about a gallon and a half of stock but this reduced somewhat.) For the khmeli-suneli I had coriander, tarragon, basil, fenugreek and, as instructed, some paprika, dried red pepper flakes and dried mint (!). ALso added chopped walnuts(the satsivi touch?) but that is not part of the spice mixture, obviously.

Now the trick is to get the consistency right. It was not as good as the one I had a Gabrinus but it was easily the match of some I have had in the Old Country. [Some little Caucasian place on the Garden Ring had the best I ever had. It was rough and forceful. the one at Aragvi is "refined" and is very good, but it is just a little, well, 'elegant."]

Any suggestions are appreciated. When I finish this project, I will return to meat selianka and try to stay in practice on that front........

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