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Keller and Aduriz's Controversial Comments

MGZ | May 17, 201204:01 AM

An interesting read based on a recent interview with the two famous chefs. Fundamentally, they are comfortable with abdicating any roles as advocates or activists on many of the issues currently at the forefront of food culture so long as they get to make, and I assume eat, the best food possible.

A bit of the piece:

>“What restaurant isn’t farm to table?” Mr. Keller asked. “I think about quality, not geography."

When it comes to supporting communities, he said, he chooses to support Stonington, Me., by buying exquisite oysters from a seafood dealer there. There are oysters on Long Island, of course, but Mr. Keller believes that his priority has to be taste, above all other considerations like sustainability, seasonality and food miles.

“Is global food policy truly our responsibility, or in our control?” he asked. “I don’t think so.”

“I agree completely, and it is a brave answer,” came immediately from Mr. Aduriz, who also draws on a global palette of ingredients to amplify the northern Spanish ingredients that surround him. “Of course I buy as many things as I can nearby,” he said. “But to align yourself entirely with the idea of sustainability makes chefs complacent and limited.”<


Contrast it with Bitman's Op-Ed the same day, in which he argues that actions on the individual level can have a global impact.


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