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Keeping Strawberries Fresh---Wow! It works great!


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Keeping Strawberries Fresh---Wow! It works great!

Christine | Apr 26, 2006 11:34 PM

A couple weeks ago, rworange posted about how you can keep strawberries, and presumably other berries, fresh for weeks by simply placing them into a glass jar, seal the jar, and pop into the refrigerator. I happened to have purchased a flat around that time and had empty Mason jars, so I thought I'd give it a go rather than cook them all up within the week.

Well, I am pretty amazed at how well these babies have been holding up. I've opened some of the jars more than once, to no apparent effect. I passed this bit of advice around at the office and will be bringing a jar to share with the disbelievers.

I also bought a large carton of grape tomatoes from Costco at the same time and put a jar of those in the refrigerator. Same thing---they look and taste as good as the day I bought them. Nothing was washed or prepared before putting them in the jars.

Thanks so much for this information!


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