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Keeping Chowhound Going

The Chowhound Team | Jan 5, 2005 12:44 AM

If you paid a subscription fee "on the honor system" for your use of Chowhound a while ago, please bear in mind that our expenses of running the site - as well as your enjoyment of the site - continue, month after month, year after year. Paying once won't do it.

For those who've never paid, bear in mind that we can't run on fame, press clippings, and good vibes. Quite the contrary, because the high traffic makes our bandwidth charges enormous. You may not realize that this operation hangs by a thread. If you derive value from this site, paying for that value will help ensure that there will continue to be a to point your browser to.

You can subscribe via credit card at link below, or send a check (made out to "Chowhound") to Chowhound, 75-18A Broadway #543, Elmhurst NY 11373

While you're at the link below, have a look around the ChowMarket for some chow-worthy newsletters and merchandise - including Jim Leff's epic "A Chowhound in Tokyo" report or his ground breaking "Leftover Gourmet" report.

Finally, we'd like to note that Chowhound is not a charity. Direct your charitable impulses to appropriate causes, and pay for your use of Chowhound just as you'd pay for anything else you find of value.

NOTE: to keep this message board chowful, please discuss the site, its financial situation, etc, on our Site Talk message board. We'll delete replies to this posting.

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