Keeping cats out of the garden


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Keeping cats out of the garden

gimlis1mum | Mar 22, 2011 05:43 PM

The stray cat population has exploded around here lately. (Hmmmm inaccurate description, bad visual...) what I mean to say is that the number of felines roving our urban neighborhood has increased, and they enjoy using my freshly-dug garden as a commode. I'm a litte surprised b/c we have two noisy Boston Terriers who love to chase cats. I would have thought that the dogs' smell would keep the cat away, but maybe not out of the raised beds (where the dogs do not "go," for obvious reasons).

I tried laying old window screens on top of newly-seeded beds, and that works reasonably well but I only have so many old screens and they only work until the seedlings get so high. Also, the cats have become bolder lately; one grey fellow sunning himself on our picnic table merely gazed at us when I brought the children out into the yard. Any other ideas to discourage unwanted feline visitors?

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