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For Karl S.: Loved those beans


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For Karl S.: Loved those beans

GG Mora | Jul 5, 2003 01:20 PM

Thank you, Karl. I know you took no small amount of guff for this recipe, but I've held it on deck in deep anticipation since its original posting back in January. Baked beans are a summer thing for me, and I suspected these would be just right for my July 4th everything-from-scratch extravaganza. I've never made beans from scratch before -- I'll never eat canned ones again. Although I messed with your recipe just a bit (sorry, no Worcestershire or cognac here), these beans turned out letter-perfect. I'll be eating the leftovers cold for lunch in very short order.

The menu in its entirety (all from scratch except where noted):

– Tomatillo Salsa Verde w/Miguels' Stowe-Away Blue Corn Tortilla Chips (chips not from scratch)
– "Smoked" (a long tale in itself) Pulled Pork Butt w/BBQ sauce
– Hamburger buns from the City Cuisine cookbook (excellent results from an easy recipe)
– Cole Slaw (always wondered about the origin of the name; JoC posits that it comes from the Dutch "Koolsla", meaning "cabbage salad"
– Karl S.'s Baked Beans
– Strawberry Shortcake
– Beer & lots of it. No, I didn't make my own, but we kept it American: Long Trail, Anchor Steam, Sierra Nevada and McNeil's

I'll be bicycling hard this afternoon to work it all off.


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