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A Johnnie's Pastrami Update ...


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A Johnnie's Pastrami Update ...

PaulF | Aug 23, 2006 05:52 PM

I'm generally a fan of Johnnie's. For one thing, it's in my neighborhood. For another, it's open late. And thirdly, they have cold beer, which I like with a sandwich.

Lately, I've been much preferring their chili dog, which I was tipped to here.

Last night my football playing son was starving after practice and he loves hot dogs so I said "How about Johnnie's." He said great, but he wanted pastrami.


I had a chili dog and he had the hot pastrami.

And, because he's ten and can't finish a whole one, I reached over and had a forkful of the pastrami.

Man, was it bad.

I was so disappointed.

It was almost cold and so fatty it felt like a rubber band in my mouth and had no flavor at all.

I didn't reach over for a bite with an ounce of skeptism. No "let's see how good this really is." I assumed it would be good, my Johnnie-memory was positive.

And it was lousy.

He didn't finish his sandwich and I had no desire to take even one more bite. We just left it there.

I didn't say anything, either, because he's a kid and if he wants to like it, I didn't want to wreck if for him. And my chili dog hit the spot (if you run out and try one and don't like it, don't blame me -- I'm not saying it's the greatest chili dog on earth, it's just the greatest chili dog in my neighborhood that's open after football practice and I like if fine), so it wasn't a waste.

But I don't think I'd every order a pastrami at Johnnie's again. (I might have the shrimp sandwich though if he wanted to go back and I wasn't in the mood for a chili dog. And the pickles were good, too.) I'd say Johnnie's signature dish has really gone down hill.

JMO ...

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