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Jim & Kiki's disaster at Spiga on UWS


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Jim & Kiki's disaster at Spiga on UWS

Jim Fallon | Jan 6, 2006 07:32 PM

When I read in the NYT last week that a new Italian restaurant just opened down the street from where I live I was very excited. "Spiga might become our neighborhood Italian place", I told my wife. Well, I was wrong... Just came back from one of the worst dining experiences of my life-and I ain't that young and I eat out 7 days a week-365 days a year. The only thing they serve right at Spiga is attitude and plenty of it. My wife ordered the cod entree and I ordered one of their pasta dishes but specifically told our waiter to hold the cheese that he had explained is liberally sprinkled ontop of the pasta after it is plated in the kitchen. "No problem", said our waiter. Now, to be very clear-I saw that the menu indicated it came w/cheese ontop-I asked our waiter if the cheese could be eliminated from the dish easily and he said yes as the cheese was added last after the food was prepared but before it was brought to the table. When the food came-my pasta was one big fondue plate. The waiter apologized profusely and said they would remake my meal immediately. 30 minutes later, my wife had picked at her overcooked, practically inedible cod dish and the busboy had taken her plate back to the kitchen and my replacement dish had yet to arrive. I had checked on the status w/our waiter numerous times to no avail so I signalled the female manager and expressed my concern. Much to my suprise-she blamed me for not noticing that cheese came sprinkled on the dish when I ordered it. I must admit, I was initially taken aback by her sneering aggressiveness and finally told her I had noticed and had spelled it out to our waiter when I ordered. Miss Manners responded that that was not the story she got. Well, I said, have the waiter who has apologized 5 times now over the past 30 minutes to come over here and we'll clear this up. No need says the hostess with the mostest attitude. It doesn't matter to her. At that point we had been in the restaurant for 1 hour and I hadn't gotten a morsel of food so I told her to bring me the check and we would leave. The fact that from the time they screwed up my order till this point no less than 15 entrees had come out of the kitchen and were delivered to neighboring tables that had ordered after my debacle didn't seem to impact the manager at all. Since in her mind it was all my fault. "Why don't you like cheese", she wanted to know. I paid the bill-she did point out she had removed the dish that still hadn't arrived but was totally not remorseful or apologetic in the least. "Why thank you", I said.
Take my advice. Don't frequent Spiga. Don't reward poor service, serious attitude and bad food with your patronage. I know I won't ever again. Maybe in a couple of months after they close someone with some common sense and proper manners will come along with the ability to run a restaurant the right way and finally open my neighhood Italian place that I'm waiting for. After this dreadful Spiga experience I'm not holding my breath.

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