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jfood returns to Bangkok Thai Deli - Major Hit


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jfood returns to Bangkok Thai Deli - Major Hit

jfood | Apr 7, 2010 06:41 PM

Jfood feels the mojo back after a great meal from Grand Szechuan last night so with a beautiful night to drive and traffic looking lighter on 494 he decided to give Bangkok Thai Deli another try. After reading the threads he was pretty convinced on trying the Beef with Basil (Pad-Ka-Praw) but was unclear whether the Chicken or shrimp with peppers (Pad-Prik-Aon) could be made to his low spice threshold. When he arrived at BTD it was 75% full and 75% of the patron were Asian, usually a good sign. He saw some of the staff offering menus so Jfood grabbed a booth and waited for the menu.

As he looked at the condiments on the table he saw the largest bottles of Siracha and hoison sauces he has ever seen. Her he was concerned on ordering mild spice and they offering half gallon bottles of Siracha, he almost felt emasculated. But he is from New Jersey, not Bangkok so on and upward.

The owner approached the table and Jfood mentioned the Pad-Ka-Praw and the owner asked about spiciness. When Jfood told him mild, the owner suggested Pra-Ram-Long-Song, shrimp with broccoli, red pepper, green onion, and Bangkok Thai secret seasoning sauce. Done. Jfood grabbed his book and watched the other dishes go by. Everything looked great.

The shrimp arrived with a separate plate of rice. Jfood grabbed some chop sticks, grabbed a piece of red pepper and took his first bite. OMG, this was over the top delicious. The next bite included a piece of broccoli and some sauce, still fantastic. Now Jfood maneuvered a shrimp onto the chopsticks, made sure there was sauce attached and carefully placed on his tongue. The first bite caused Jfood to close his eyes and smile simultaneously. This was up there as a top dish ever. Bite after delicious bite was gleefully consumed. When it was finished Jfood approached the owner to thank him personally. The smile on the owner’s face was a s big as the one on Jfood's. Jfood could not stop at one so he asked about a second dish and decided on the Pad-Ka-Praw.

The dish arrived. The beef side of the dish looked like a normal stir fry with beef, basil and peppers. On the other half of the plate, a fried egg sat atop the portion of rice. Jfood took his first bite. The beef was tender, full of flavor and carried a fair amount of saltiness. The fried egg added a nice level of creaminess when Jfood cut the yolk open. This dish was very good but suffered from following the shrimp dish, the bar was raised soooo high with that first dish.

It was a great, relaxing meal prepared by a great staff. So Jfood's is on a roll this week 2 for 2 and two shrimp dishes that score >10 on a scale of 1-10.

Bangkok Thai Deli & Supermarket
315 University Ave W, Saint Paul, MN 55103

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