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Name this Jewish pastry...


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Name this Jewish pastry...

butterfly | Mar 18, 2003 02:59 PM

Okay, I'm finally in the mood to get back into baking and my mom is going senile and has completely blocked out her past life as a supermom-baking-fanatic. My dad is Jewish and when they got married my mom learned everything there was to know about Jewish baking and cooking. She made the best matzo balls in our family. Her blintzes and latkes were the best I've ever had. After my parents divorced, she tossed out all of our family recipes, stopped cooking and started getting takeout from White Castle...

So I've been having daydreams lately about making this pastry that we made when I was little. It was long streudel shape. But it wasn't as flakey as streudel, more of a sweet yeasty flavor, with an almost bready texture. I remember letting the dough rise a few times and then rolling it out and filling it with a poppyseed mixture or prunes. We'd make a few slits on the top, sprinkle a few poppy seeds and bake it. What I really liked about it was that it wasn't terribly sweet or buttery. I've never found anything like it at a Jewish bakery, though my aunt made the same pastry and the recipe apparently came from my great-grandmother, who came from the Ukraine.

I think it may have been associated with purim...I remember we made a special trip to the market to get the poppyseeds and it seems that it was early in the spring.

Does this sound familiar to anyone out there? Could it be a different type of streudel?

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