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Jersey Shore (Deal) Reviews

Nate | Aug 22, 200501:29 PM

Recently returned from a few days at the Jersey Shore so I thought some people might find this helpful. All eateries are kosher and in the Deal, NJ area.

(1) Slices
Expensive pizza ($2/slice). The slices were small, thin and very light on the toppings. Typical kosher pizzeria ambience with posters of Israel and rabbis on the walls. I'd recommend Jerusalem II pizza, where I have gone in the past, but not on this trip.

(2) Chinese/Japanese Restaurant (sorry, forgot the name, but I believe there's only one kosher Chinese restaurant in the area)
Food was delivered quickly - too quickly. How could the food have been prepared fresh if it was brought to the table only minutes after ordering? We ordered two different Chinese entrees - both had the exact same sauce. Veggies were obviously canned. Both dishes had little flavor. Paid ~$45 for two dinners and was out of the restaurant within 20 minutes. One more thing - the fortune cookies were stale.

(3) Dougie's BBQ
Same as any other Dougie's (as it should be with a franchise). Walk in, put your name on a list and then linger over seated customers while waiting for a table.

(4) Chocolate Soda
What you'd expect from a diner. Tuna melt, baked potato, wraps, eggs, etc. Generous servings, good food, but extra greasy. French fries were excellent.

(5) Kosher Experience at ShopRite (Rte. 66, off Rte. 35, in Neptune)
Excellent place to buy prepared foods or baked goods for shabbat or to reheat in a microwave. Prices were very reasonable. You could also order takeout sandwiches from the deli counter for around $7.

(6) Bistro Grill
I looked at the menu, but I left before sitting at a table. Entrees are around $27 each. I didn't want to spend that much without knowing if it was a good place. Looks like a nice setting for a romantic (and expensive) evening.

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