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I made “JELLO” !!! ... So easy, so AMAZING (blackberry /red wine & NO sweetener of ANY kind orange/purple basil)

rworange | Aug 4, 200603:33 PM     13

Full of whole plump farm-fresh blackberries that were outrageously juicy, bursting with berry goodness ... I can’t even begin to tell you how good this is.

The blackberry was made with sugar using this Martha Stewart recipe.


It was as easy, if not easier than making a box of jello. It is soooo much better than boxed jello and the amount of sugar is up to you ... as little or as much as desired ... or none.

I used this all-purpose recipe using no sweeteners ... just orange juice, fresh basil and a packet of Knox gelatin.


This was good not spectacular because it started with a ho-hum ingredient ... boxed Minute-made OJ. It was only going to taste as good as the original ingredient. This was just an experiment I wanted to test out the whole gelatin-making process and see how important sugar was. Don’t need if if you don’t want it.

Also, the second recipe was easier than Martha’s and, quite frankly, easier than making a real box of Jell-o ... and so much healthier.

To simplify the above recipe to its basics ... here’s what you need

Two cups of juice or fruit/juice combined (alcohol can be used too)
1 packet of Knox gelatin

Sweetener of your choice only if you want it.

What you do:

1. Put 1/2 cup of liquid in a heat-proof bowl. Sprinkle packet of gelatin on top
2. In another pot, bring juice or fruit/juice mixture to a boil. If using whole fresh fruit, simmer for 5 minutes.
3. Add hot liquid to Knox/juice mixture in the bowl
4. Add sweetener, if any, to your taste. What this tastes like now is what the gelatin will taste like
5. Let cool on the counter.
6. Put bowl covered in fridge. I just put into individual Tupperware containers with a lid on top.

That’s it.

I like the simplicity of adding the sweetener as the final step and doing little taste tests to use as little as possible. Also I'm excited about using different types of honey ... hmmm ... I wonder if lavendar jello with lavendar honey would work. Tea-based jello ... jasmine, green tea, herbal?

The basic gelatin recipe link above also had this good tip ...

"Certain raw fruits have an enzyme that will prevent gelatin from setting. Pineapple, mango, kiwi, and ginger must all be cooked for 5 minutes to destroy the enzyme before using."

I think I might try a can of pineapple chunks in juice and a packet of Knox for a no-sugar jello ... oooh ... orange-pineapple jello with real fruit juices.

Any sorbet combo that catches your interest could also be used to make gelatin. That's where I got the idea for the orange/basil gelatin. There was a post on the Home Cooking Board about orange/basil sorbet. I did a riff on that.

I brought the OJ to a boil, took it off the stove and threw a bunch of purple Thai basil in the hot juice. I let it stand for about an hour, strained the leaves out ... the purple basil turned the jello a lovely blood orange color. Then I re-boiled the infused OJ and continued on to step 3 above.

I can hardly wait for blood oranges to come back in season, but for now ... mmmm ... fresh strawberry is next ... and watermelon ... maybe I can use the watermelon juice as the liquid for the strawberries.

Here’s some ideas I’m going to try in the future

Martha’s Mint Julep gelatin


Cherry jam gelatin

*** Note: Edited Aug 04 at 11:15 am to add pineapple jello info.

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