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Does anyone know anything about JB Prince Black Steel Pans (carbon steel)?

BloomingNutria | May 31, 2012 09:43 AM

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I ordered this JB Prince 9.5" black steel pan, and I was wondering if anyone knows how it compares to the De Buyer line of carbon steel pans.


Before buying this pan I was looking into getting a De Buyer or a Mafter, but this one was 50 % off of a pretty hefty price and it looked like such a great deal. However, in all of my reading about carbon steel pans in the last few months, I have never seen mention of a JB Prince brand. I thought JB Prince was a retailer, not a manufacturer. Do they make pans too? If not, does anyone know who does make the pans they sell under their name? All I can see from the description of the one I bought is that it is "Swiss."

Also, the product description mentions that the pans are "silicon coated for easy release." I've never heard of anything like that. Is the cooking surface of the pan actually coated with silicon? How does this affect cooking and seasoning? Can the pan even be seasoned with a layer of silicon on it? I know I bought the pan, but honestly, this just doesn't seem like a very sound idea . . .

Any thoughts or information would be welcome!

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