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Jamie Kennedy's - no Endangered Fish on Menu [Moved from Ontario board]

Flexitarian | Apr 11, 200808:24 AM

I love dining at Jamie Kennedy's. It's one of my favourite restaurants in the world and I go to it about every 3 months. I also love the values he espouses, among them buying local and not offering fish that are endangered or not sustainable. He is a big supporter of Canada's Seafood Guide, SeaChoice (available at http://www.seachoice.org) and one time I was having dinner even provided all patrons with their handy wallet sized card that helps in making prudent choices when buying or ordering fish.

However, I was recently in another restaurant (to remain un-named, as I think this is not an uncommon issue), that had a fish on the menu, Sea Bass, which turned out to be Chilean Sea Bass (formerly known as Patagonian Toothfish, and when so named it never sold that well). Chilean Sea Bass is both endangered and has high levels of mercury.

I mentioned this to the server and all I got was a shrug. I ended up leaving it at that, but didn't order the fish. But then I thought I should have talked to the manager about it. But at the time I didn't want to make a big deal of it as I didn't want to start off a business dinner with something contentious that had nothing to do with the business we were discussing. Also, I didn't want to appear as a complainer. Nor would I have probably wanted to do the same if it was a romantic dinner.

What have other people done in this situation? Do you find it common occurrence to find endangered species on the menu? Should you just wait and come back later or write the restaurant a letter?

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