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James' Roadside Cafe Wrentham MA

Jane | Feb 16, 2006 02:26 PM

Anyone familiar w/this place? I've been 5 or 6 times and had some awesome breakfasts. Last Saturday I went (w/my friend and her 4 mo old baby in a car seat) and had a problem that I'm still shaking my head over.

I ordered an omelet w/roasted mushrooms, spinach and sharp cheddar. When it came I immediately felt a bit let down as it was a "puffy omelet" (whipped whites folded in) that was probably oven baked in a circular dish, and the top is completely brown. The filling is baked inside, so instead of nice gooey cheese in the center, the pieces of veggies are scattered throughout and I couldn't even detect any cheese. I tried eating it but the eggs were so dry that after 2-3 bites I told my friend I just couldn't eat it, and was sending it back. She said her scrambled were also very overcooked but she was starving and would deal w/it. I called the waitress over and said the eggs were very overcooked, would she take them back, and I'd just have my english muffin. She said "can I get you something else?" I said no thanks, we were on a schedule and didn't have time. She said "can I pack that to go?" and I said no thanks, and my friend and I exchanged puzzled looks as she walked away.

The bill comes and (you guessed it) the omelet is included. I called her over and chose to treat it like an oversight - I said you forgot the omelet on here, could you remove it and retotal? She says "oh, I didn't know you wanted it taken off the bill" Huh? 2 minutes later, the manager comes stalking over to our table. She says "is there a problem here?" in such a way that I knew this wasn't going to be good. I said "no, there's no problem, my eggs were improperly cooked so I sent them back and asked to have them removed from the bill". She asks what was wrong them, I explain, and she says "well, you should have ordered them lightly cooked". Now I'm not happy at all - I said I didn't "order them wrong", eggs are not meant to be cooked brown. She says "in any case, you shouldn't have dealt w/the waitress. You should have asked to see the manager so I could have looked at them. We could have recooked them". I replied that if that is her policy, that's btw her and her waitstaff, the waitress should know to alert her. She puts her hand up and says "I don't need to listen to this" and starts walking away. I look at my friend in amazement and say "she's an idiot!" She turns back w/fire in her eyes, storms back to the table and says "WHAT DID YOU CALL ME??" I replied "I said you're an idiot" She starts ranting about how we've been "nothing but trouble" since we got in. That is based on 2 things - when we got in the baby's car seat wouldn't fit in a booth, so we moved to a table w/a high chair. And my friend (picky eater who eats very bland food) asked if she could try the soup special - a sample of probably 2 tbsp was brought in a prep bowl. (she brought up both of these things in her rage-rant). I finally put my hand up palm out and said "lady, get out of my face - now I've had enough". She left but not before saying "don't come back here!" Like we would??

Is any of what I did NOT standard? From saying I didn't like how they were cooked and wanting them off the bill, to only dealing w/the waitress?

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