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James Beard's 1975 BBQ Cookbook--Funny/Outdated Ideas?


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James Beard's 1975 BBQ Cookbook--Funny/Outdated Ideas?

Funwithfood | Jul 13, 2005 01:16 PM

I have zillions of vintage cookbooks. What's funny is the suggestions/ideas that we might find shocking or unusual by today's standards.

In the Barbeque with James Beard Cookbook from 1975 (Shocking category!):

Page 24 Marinated Steak...
After pouring marinade over steak it says "Let stand in a warm place for several hours or overnight." (Yikes!)

Suggestions--true, or myth?

Page 28 Plain Hamburgers:
"Shape hamburgers around a cube of ice. The grilling melts the ice and leaves the meat juicy." (Has anyone done this? Isn't it fat (not water) that makes meat juicy?)

Page 130 Tenderized Beef Cubes:
He advises sprinkling tougher cuts of meat (chuck or round) with an unseasoned meat tenderizer. Meat tenderizer is never discussed anywhere these days. Has anyone used it of late? If so, how effective is it?

Page 154 Baked Beans:
He gives the recipe for his mother's famed baked beans. It calls for layering beans, salt pork, onion, beans again, dry mustard, etc, etc, then baking. I wonder what the benefit of layering is here--wouldn't mixing it all together (for even distribution of flavors) make more sense?

Just interesting...to me anyway. Has anyone else run across interesting/odd suggestions from older cookbooks?

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