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Jalapenos in my Chinese food...


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Jalapenos in my Chinese food...

rochfood | Jun 14, 2009 08:06 PM

First of all, Ok I get it, orange beef is not "real" Chinese, it's "american" chinese.
But..I ordered Orange Beef, which had the usual broccoli and orange peels, and what I thought was green bell pepper. I thought.."different, but seems Ok, makes sense,".
As I was eating it. i realized the rounds of pepper were way too small to be bell pepper, and the seed pattern seemed distinctly jalapeno. And it tasted good..and added a bit more heat to a decently spicy dish. Very interesting..but a very weird/unusual addition to me.
Mexican/chinese/american fusion ?
Now, I live in Western NY, where there a lot of undocumented workers (if you get my drift) this time of year. Was this a "shout out " to or an insipration from local migrant visitors ?
Or are there some mexican workers who have been hired by the local chinese cookery and have slipped in their own flavor ?
Anyone ever heard of jalapenos in Chinese cooking ?

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