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Iuliano's Bakery Manchester, CT

masha bousha | May 18, 2009 04:27 AM

Good morning C-hounds-
For the second time in about 2 weeks I've had the absolute joy of eating a cannoli from Iuliano's Bakery on Spruce Street in downtown Manchester.

This place has the best cannoli I've tried and beats the famous Mozzicatos bakery in Hartford by a landslide.

Let's start with the experience. First off I think Mozzicatos has gotten a bit full of themselves so their service isn't as nice as it is as Iuliano's. There's a nice lady at Iuliano's who is hanging out waiting for you to step into their time warp of a bakery and order something. I've never had anything other than cannolis from this place but I heard that the bread is off-the-hook good and the mysterious, prewrapped, unchilled grinders are calling out to me.

Ok, the cannolis--they're filled fresh when you order them (the nice lady disappears into the dark bakery behind the register for a while and comes back with a smile and your box of treats. The shell is delicate and it isn't like the kind of cannoli you get at a party or wedding where you have to kind of gnaw your way through's flaky and light. The cheese filling is super creamy and flavorful...sweet but not too sweet. Sometimes they put nuts on the ends (not my thing) and other times they don't. I think it's a mood thing for the nice lady.

Anyway---it's on Spruce Street in Manchester and while I live in West Hartford, when I'm on a chow-prowl in Manchester, Iuliano's in always on my list. They're not open 7 days a week though--I think they're closed Mondays and Tuesdays.


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