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How Italians (in Italy) Eat:


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How Italians (in Italy) Eat:

Allan Evans | Jun 21, 2000 12:21 PM

Our friend Maria, from a mountain-town in the Abruzzi now doing time as an architect in Bologna (where the local food is beneath its repute) sent us an email describing the brithday feast she is preparing: read on and drool (as we did and sent very enraged emails at being informed but left out):

polpettine di formaggio abruzzese {fried balls with Abruzzese cheese]
torta alle melanzane sarda [Sardinian eggplant tarte], panzanella toscana [salad of Tuscan bread, vegetables herbs and olive oil],
pasta con le zucchine maria di donato [her own pasta with zucchini],
agnello del mio babbo [lamb, butchered by her father and grilled with mountain herbs],
lardo di colonnata toscano/ligure [am checking this one, but with lard, bacon and Italian pork, one can't go wrong)
wines: montepulciano d'abruzzo, brunello toscano, trebbiano d'abruzzo.

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