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Italia Trip September_Rome to Venice_Middle to Top

javi777 | Jul 9, 2012 08:45 AM

Dear all.

I would really appreciate your help and guidance on this upcoming trip!

My girlfriend and I will be taking my parents for their first Italian trip this September (have been planning and saving for this a while now), so I hope I can count on you to make their experience of the cities, culture and great art a bit more memorable with the perfect culinary counterpart. They live in Miami and are in their 60's and we live in NYC and are in our early 30's.

I studied in Rome and travel extensively in Italy for two semesters during college and grad school, and have my old favorites that I am hoping to revisit, together with your priced suggestions.

Aside for doing a lot of reading in the boards, i have frequented several websites, downloaded Elizabeth Minchili' apps for Florence and Rome, and bought several books including Fred Plotkin' Italy for the Gourmet Traveler.

We are looking for great food leaning towards classic places, dishes and rustic atmosphere, ranging from the simple to the romantic. I particularly love wine and would love to hear also from your local suggestions, producers, and vintages you prefer for the places we are visiting. I am very exciting about this since it will be great weather and harvest season.

Most likely we will have out biggest meal at dinner, but are also looking for some great lunch recommendations. Our price range will be 250 euros for the 4 of us for dinner.

Our itinerary is as follows (14 total days) I know this schedule seems like a bit too much, but I am trying to balance a relaxing time in Tuscany and Chianti while also showing my parents the great Italian cities of Rome, Florence and Venice in their first trip.

Rome is a city I know very well and would love to hear your suggestions. I have chosen these places as a combination of old favorites and others discovered in this board.

DAY 1_Rome

Thinking of a classic place to introduce everyone to Roman food in our first night there. I am looking for a classic place with great standard fare (caccio peppe, carbonara, amatriciana, etc) . Could also be a Roman Jewish food in the Ghetto. Romantic setting indoors or in a piazza is a plus.

Options are: Nino, Armando Al Pantheon, Antico Arco, Roscioli and Taverna del Ghetto ( this is an old favorite (love their torta della nonna), but can't wait to hear your recommendations on Roman Jewish food)

DAY 2_Rome

Renato e Luisa (dinner)

This is another old favorite as i studied in Palazzo Lazzaroni across the street and Renato cooked our thanksgiving turkeys. Have always visited each time in Rome.

DAY 3_Rome


DAY 4_Rome

Flavio Velavevodetto

For lunch we will probably head to Filetti di baccala, get some pizza, etc. We plan of eating light for lunch as not to waste too much time ,although was thinking of Roma Sparita because i am a huge fan of Cacio Peppe and their preparation seems different from all the other.

DAY 5_Umbria

We are renting a car at Termini the next day and driving to Umbria for some great early renaissance architecture and frescoes.

_Todi (visit Santa Maria della Conzolazione) possible have some lunch here and sample some of the great Sangrantino wine.

_ Assisi after lunch for Giotto and Saint Francis, and spend the night.

Dinner at Assisi (no plans yet)

DAY 6.

Visiting Montalcino (not sure what to do but i love the Brunellos and Rossos)

Siena (dinner)

Ristorante Guido is the only one that has caught my attention.

DAY 7. GREVE IN CHIANTI. Staying at Vignamaggio.

Wine tour at Castello Verrazano (lunch)

Dinner at Ristoro del Lamole.

Other options are:

Ristorante Malborghetto, Osteria del Castello, Badia a Coltibuono, Taverna dell Guerrino, Ristorante le Vigne in Radda.

Day 8. GREVE IN CHIANTI. Staying at Vignamaggio.

Wine tour at Vignamaggio.

Dinner at Officina della Bistecca (have reservations already)

Plan to visit some of the smaller towns such as Radda, Castellina, Panzano and possibly San Gimignano.


Dinner options are:

Cipolla Rossa, Cavolo Nero, Nerbone, Osteria dei Benci, Bucca dell'Orafo


Dinner at Sostanza (have reservations already)


Dinner in Bologna (very undecided here!!)

Options are Da Gianni, Serghei, Taverna dei Lords, Caminetto D'oro, Trattoria Anna Maria, Giampi e Ciccio, Meloncello

Day 12, 13, 14. VENICE. (Staing at Leone Bianco)

We are planning on having cicetti at some Bacari for lunch those 3 days, that way we can have a quick lunch while sampling several dishes and some delicious wine. There are several great post in the boards for this.

Options are La Cantina, Al Prosecco.

Dinner: Options are Osteria alla Madonna, Antiche Carampane, Al Paradiso, Antica Locanda Montin, Al Garanghelo, La Zucca, Fiaschetteria Toscana.

I know this might be too much to take in but I hope to hear from your excellent experiences and suggestions. Thank you so much in advance!!!!

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