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ISO Edible Diet Bread - FOUND SOME!


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ISO Edible Diet Bread - FOUND SOME!

Will Owen | Jun 12, 2006 09:54 PM

...and at Trader Joe's, where once I had bought (and immediately returned) some low-carb stuff that was vile beyond words. I thought I'd take a flyer on their Flourless Sprouted Seven-Grain stuff, figuring that if it was too much like horse food it'd at least probably toast OK. Well, it did toast much more than OK - it's really got a nice crunch to it - and today I made some salmon salad and tried it untoasted as sandwich bread, and it was pretty good.

It's so hard finding whole-grain stuff that really is, and then finding some without HFCS, or even too much molasses or honey, is even harder. This stuff has honey WAYYY down in the ingredients list, adding up to Sugars = 1%, which is certainly acceptable. Relatively cheap, too, at about $2.

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