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Maybe Iron Chef America ISN'T as staged as we thought?


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Maybe Iron Chef America ISN'T as staged as we thought?

Glam Foodie | May 21, 2011 08:47 PM

I believe this episode aired for the first time last Sunday, so if you haven't seen it and want to be surprised when you do, read no further!


Anyway, Bobby Flay went up against Todd Stein for battle mussels. Right after the secret ingredient was announced and the chefs gathered with their crews, Bobby asked his sous chefs something to the effect of, "What should we do for the next dish? Do you have any ideas?" One of the girls responded with, "You should do a cioppino" and Bobby said okay and went for it.

Based on all of the behind the scenes type articles I've read about ICA, the chefs supposedly know what the ingredients are the weekend before, and have two days to practice and make a game plan. (Other articles say the chefs are given a list of three possible ingredients a few weeks before the show, and they practice three sets of dishes and find out which ones they'll be cooking during taping.) Could Bobby's comment be proof that this isn't actually the case, and that the cooking on ICA is actually as spontaneous and hectic as we are lead to believe? Or do you feel that this was a comment purposely filmed to give an air of uncertainty, and that the chefs really do have a road map prior to filming?

Just wondering what your thoughts are, because I am always intrigued about what we don't see on shows like this! Also, Laura Calder is a judge this episode, and she is her lovely but sassy self! And Julie Chen's false eyelashes were ridiculous to the point of distraction. :)

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