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Iron Chef America - Battle: Corn

HarryK | Jun 8, 2008 09:49 PM

* Warning: If you haven't seen it yet, then this is a spoiler, and why are you reading this thread in the first place in that case, and etc.etc. etc. *

Wow. I'm shocked how badly Marcus Samuelsson did in the contest. Though you could tell early on when Alton kept saying "He's using a lot of protein there with his maize" he may as well have been saying "Marcus, your losing the main ingredient; pull back now."

Alton must have said it a good five times. Still Samuelsson could always yanked a but on the protein reigns during plating -- but he didn't. One of the largest disparity in taste votes I've seen in a long time. Ouch. Really thought that battle would have been closer.

Oh, and natch, WTG, Bobby Flay! He gets more impressive each battle.

Props to Marcus for the crushed corn flakes and props to Bobby for the waffle and the bourbon surprise. I am disappointed though that no one thought to make pop corn.

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