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Using internet discount coupons on your birthday


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Using internet discount coupons on your birthday

mtoo | Apr 27, 2011 07:28 AM

The restaurant where I work has recently started accepting certificates. Our restaurant policy is that we can't give any other kind of discount when these are used.

As servers, when people are celebrating something, we are able to offer a free dessert if we feel inclined. We don't advertise this or make a big production of it.

Free desserts = discount, so I can't give away a free dessert to anyone using

So here's my situation: A couple comes in. At the end of dinner, they tell me they are celebrating and ask me if they get anything for free. I say "sure" and bring out a dessert with a "Happy Birthday!" When it's time to pay, they offer up a

Here are my options: I can either go back to the table and say "sorry, can't give you anything for free when you use a discount certificate" or I can pay for the dessert myself.

I chose to pay for the dessert. When this happened to a coworker, she chose to tell the table that dessert wasn't free.

I come to work to make money not spend it. So unless I can find a tactful way to let people know that I can't give away stuff when they are using these certificates, I'm not giving away any more desserts to anyone. Somehow saying "Are you using" doesn't seem like the appropriate response to "It's my birthday!"

Does anyone have a better idea?

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