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International help, please!


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International help, please!

jen kalb | Sep 27, 2006 04:08 PM

I want to start out with a thanks to the engineering team which is kindly addressing lots of the community issues but the international area really needs help -

I feel the situation is dire for Chowhound as a go-to forum for infomation on offbeat (i.e. not France, Italy or London) foreign chow destinations. the fragmentation of the old international board into too many pieces on which people post rarely is really creating a disincentive to even look at these boards!

I am planning a trip to india and tho I check South Asia religiously for information, it is literally days between posts. And half the time a new post will be on the "wrong" board, i.e. a Singapore post on S. Asia. A real disincentive for even looking there. And since most of our archive info on India is in International still, a search of the So. Asia board will not generate much information. So whatever comunities we are trying to foster on these small boards are being strangled by our new format.

I think its really important to make the international board structure more user friendly if we dont want to lose whatever participation we have there.

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