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Why do they insist on feeding me rancid nuts?!


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Why do they insist on feeding me rancid nuts?!

kerosundae | Aug 1, 2011 04:06 PM

In the last 2 months, 4 people have cooked for me on 5 occasions with different rancid nuts! (No, there isn't something wrong with my tastebuds, I know a rancid nut from a good one.) Everything in the dish is fine and greatly appreciated until the nuts come along and make me want to dash for the trashcan to spit out the last bite. Ok, I still appreciate the meal even after the nuts come along, only because my friends cooked it for me, but it definitely changes the intra-oral atmosphere.

So I'm curious: Why do people not inspect/taste their nuts before cooking and serving their guests? What do YOU do when faced with this nutty issue? Would you avoid them and leave them (the nuts, not your hosts)?

I just force myself to group the nuts into as few bites as possible and chase them down with other things.

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