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an inheritance

rmarisco | Jan 17, 2014 01:16 PM

i inherited some copper several years ago and haven't given it much thought (i can hear you copper geeks gasping!). Reason being, I have some bitter memories of my mother and I trying to remove the plastic coating from a bunch of those pans. They were from the 1970's, and they came with this thick, clear coating that mom and I spent many hours fighting to remove. She never even ended up cooking on them because we could never fully remove the "sealer". So, she hung them up for show.. and enjoyed them as kitchen decor.

I've got one nice size (10") french sauce pan that I would like to try to use, but the handle is so thin and sharp it cuts into my hand, and I can't tell if the thing needs to be retinned. It looks really scratched and possibly rusty on the inside - or is it just old gunk?? I'm just not sure, and nervous about scrubbing it to death. This one is marked "waldow, brooklyn NY" on the bottom (only found that after I got the BKF and a bunch of elbow grease. The BKF did nothing for the inside of this particular pan.)

I'm now asking for good sites and picture galleries of copper pots - vintage, new, old, befores and afters. i need to be doing some deep research here to figure out what I've got, from many different manufacturers. I found one site, but it specializes in antique copper, and this is all 20th century stuff. I just need to figure out what needs to be repaired (and where) and what I have.

and, any more ideas for getting off those last little bits of plastic...i'd love to hear them!

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