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Ingredients + Cooking= Mexican Grocery Help

MsAlyp | Apr 21, 200811:59 AM

Hello All,
I need some help! I recently moved into an area in Brooklyn where the majority of people are recently from Mexico, El Salvador or Ecuador. A lot of times I go to the local groceries and see lots of exotic interesting items but have NO idea how to use them! I would really love to start using some of these products but am a little lost- lots of recipes I find are watered down American versions.

Some product examples are:
Sofrito, Cilantro cooking base sauce, Mole Pablano in a jar
Queso Blanco
Coconut Milk (I love coconuts but my experience has been limited to drinks and thai curries)
I bought some type of canned green peas with coconut but don't know how to serve that (I think they might be pigeon peas?)

As you can see I'm clueless (growing up on hot dogs, mac n cheese and fruit snacks). If anyone has any great recipes (I love cilantro and heat) to share or some insight I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks so much!

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