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infused oils

JLFletch | Apr 21, 2013 05:53 PM

I know that this is a old topic, but I have a question on oil infusions and can not seem to find the answer.

I made a hot infused oil with citrus rind and habanero peppers. I simmered the oil for a good 25 minutes with fresh peppers and the rind, afterwards I removed all of the solid materials and put it in a dry glass container. Anyways my question is not about botulism, I'm curious as to why my oil is now completely cloudy after about a twenty minute rest?

I am very particular on the ingredients that I use, inspect thoroughly, wash, dry, the whole nine yards. The only thing that I did not do was dehydrate them before the infusion but my oil was warm enough that they sizzled almost the entire time but not to the point of being burnt or darkened, just a little crispy and the oil was not to the burning temperature either.

Any input would be fantastically appreciated :)

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