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"Inexpensive" Cuts

schoenfelderp | Jan 1, 201212:34 PM

For me, part of the beauty of cooking is being able to take inexpensive bits and pieces of an animal that are traditionally thought of as lesser parts and transform them into something delicious and refined. Additionally, I don't care to pay $20 a pound for tenderloin or something similar. I do believe in paying the price for local and humanely grown produce and only know of one butcher in my area sourcing meat in such a way.

Yesterday I wanted fresh ham hocks (pork shanks). I needed about 5 lbs. total to get about 1 lb. of meat and 0.5 lb. of skin for a terrine. The cost was $4.99 lb. for this cut. So the total comes to approximately $25 for 1.5 lbs. of end product. This just seemed like far too much.

Do I have unreasonable expectations?

Are "inexpensive cuts" getting more expensive due to the rising popularity of nose to tail cooking?

Do you have inexpensive cuts that you love to cook, and if so what are they?

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