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Induction cookware for Shabu Shabu/Korean BBQ?


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Induction cookware for Shabu Shabu/Korean BBQ?

216363 | Oct 19, 2012 11:13 AM

Hi guys...So I recently picked up a Tatung induction plate that was on sale online (around 50 bucks or so) and I'm just wondering if there some good cookware recommendations you can provide me to build an all around set for my induction plate...

I have picked up an 11" fry pan @ Ross/Marshalls/TJ Maxx (can't remember exactly which place it was)... The plate did come with one pot which I probably can use for Shabu Shabu...

I recently ate out at a restaurant and they had induction plates... I didn't get a chance to ask about their korean bbq grill plates that they used.

It's a pretty common flat top grill plate but it was on top of another plate or something that they poured in water to give a double boil effect Im guessing it cooks the meat faster...I've went around local asian markets and unable to find induction compatible plates.

Has anyone been able to find one? (I'm in SoCal). I was thinking of getting one of those mongolian/korean bbq type stove plates and placing that over my pan with water to see if I could get the same effect.

Thanks guys!

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