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Indonesian recipes or cookbook advice?

The Turtle (Bay) Dove | Jun 1, 2004 12:30 PM

I'm looking to do an Indonesian meal but only have a couple of recipes that I've tried and know work. Anyone have any great recipes they'd like to share or names of good cookbooks I could check out? I'd also take Malaysian suggestions. Thanks!

A friend who has lived in Indonesia sent me a list of dishes she loves, but I'm not sure I'm going to be able to pry out recipes from her in time. Here's what she recommended:
nasi goreng (fried rice; an old standby, and flexible
b/c you can put ANYTHING in it)

martabak telur (thin fried dough w/ eggs, meat, scallions inside; phenomenal w/ curry sauce; one of my absolute favorites)

beef rendang (chunks of beef in a rich, thick, spicy paste)

ketupat (rice wrapped in folded palm-frond boxes and
boiled in coconut milk)

jus alpokat (avocado shake; just take a fresh, softish
avocado, some condensed milk and maybe brown sugar,
and blenderize it, and then add a swirl or three of
hershey's chocolate syrup -- no joke!)

and then there's
hard-boiled eggs in curry sauce
roti chanai (more malaysian than indo, but excellent)
(and this is the all-time BEST)
ikan rica-rica (fresh-hooked fish, cleaned out,
grilled over coals, and fried with sambal. again,

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