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Indonesia - Javanese discovery in a Western restaurant

klyeoh | Aug 20, 201109:12 AM

PADI restaurant is more known for its Continental offerings: a hotch-potch of French, Italian, German options, plus a surprisingly varied range of ways to have your steak prepared. However, there's also a small selection of local dishes for customers who wanted something "familiar". Well, I'm certainly not coming all the way out here to East Java to order their Duck a la Tour d'Argent (whatever their chefs are interpreting that dish to be), so I went for the Sop Buntot (Oxtail soup) on their menu. The Javanese normally have their soup dish as the main course (e.g. Soto Ayam or spiced chicken & vermicelli soup, or Sop Asem/sourish vegetable soup), which forms a complete meal when served alongside a large plate of steamed white rice. One spoons the soup all over the rice, before eating.

The Sop Buntot at PADI was surprisingly good! Meaty chunks of oxtail slow-simmered in Javanese spices (cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, etc), served with white rice topped with crisp-brown shallots, covered with a delicate lacy egg-net.

My starter was a tasty tuna salad served in a toasted, hollowed-out block of white bread. An interesting beverage of chilled carrot-apple-lime juice, flavored with Javanese honey, was a nice way to wash down the meal.

Address details
PADI Resto Gallery
Pahlawan Trip No. 19
Malang 65112
East Java
Tel: 0341-551488

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